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Thymic Protein-A by Genicel

This is the absolute best treatment
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This is the absolute best treatment for the flu that I have ever found. My patients love it and keep a box in their medicine cabinet beside their Tylenol. They keep telling me stories about how they felt like they were coming down with something and began taking their Thymic Protein A and poof, they felt good again by the next morning. In some instances, they report that within hours they no longer have any symptoms. My patients don’t get sick as often as they used to, and when they do get sick, they have much lighter symptoms and recover much quicker. Does it work everytime for everyone? Well it seems to work for anyone, but I do receive rare reports about treatment failures also. Most common is when the person has been sick for several days and it takes 3-4 days longer to get better. But know what? They may have felt low energy and mild persistent symptoms for weeks if they hadn’t taken the Thymic Protein-A. Thymic Protein-A is a powder that comes in individual dose packets containing 4 micrograms freeze-dried, purified Protein-A from calf thymus cell culture, in a base of maltodextrin. You place the contents of 1 packet under the tongue. It dissolves in 1-2 minutes and has minimal taste.

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Recommended dose:

Thymic Protein-A

Acute symptoms: As soon as symptoms, such as muscle and/or joint aches, headache, nasal or sinus congestion and drainage, scratchy, raw throat, tickle in throat with cough (especially a cough bringing up sputum), nausea, or diarrhea, begin taking Thymic Protein-A. Take 1 packet under the tongue every 2-3 hours the first day, then take 1 packet 3 times daily thereafter until symptoms resolve. My experience shows it is rare for symptoms last beyond 3 days. Again let me qualify that I estimate over 90% success rate, but have never found a treatment that is 100% effective Hormone Replacement.

Anti aging: A small percentage of my patients have reported mild nausea when they took Mgn-3. I have this group take 1 packet of Thymic Protein-A daily. Skipping one week every 1 or 2 months will help your box last longer and it gives the body some time to work free of additional stimulation.

Anti-Aging Strategies
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Anti-aging medicine is more than hormone optimization. In addition to growth hormone supplementation, there are several other areas that provide improved results for your anti-aging program.

These suggestions come from leading physicians and clinics dedicated to the specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine.

  • To maximize the results of any preventative medicine strategy, addressing all the common pitfalls yields the best outcomes.
  • At the very least, one should begin taking nutritional supplements, eat more whole foods and start an exercise program.
  • For those who have more ground to make up or are serious about delaying the effects of aging, hormone optimization through supplementation is recommended.
  • For the very serious, and those with the financial ability, a comprehensive evaluation and individualized plan through a reputable anti-aging clinic, such as Cenegenics, should be considered.
  • To find a physician who practices anti-aging medicine in your local region, use the referral service at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) website.