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Anti- Aging Medicine

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The best anti-aging ingredients and their effectiveness
My name is Johny, M.D. and I practice anti-aging medicine in Tucson, Arizona and am an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). I want to introduce you to a program to promote youthful aging through nutritional supplementation and lifestyle modifications. Most of what I talk about on gen f 20 plus are things that you can do without obtaining prescription medications, but I do explain the benefits of hormone replacement therapy which would require a visit to your personal doctor. I hope you have a good read and strongly consider implementing your own life changing anti-aging program using genfx hgh releaser.
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The goal of anti-aging medicine

anti-aging medicine

The goal of anti-aging medicine is to strengthen the body so it can better resist the effects of aging that we all experience. Medical research over the last decade found that one of the key reasons for age-related loss of strength and function is the decline in hormone levels as we get older. As our hormone levels drop, supplementing the body’s key hormones has a tremendous effect in protecting our health and maintaining youthful body function.

The key hormone for increasing your lean body mass and organ reserve is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and it is the kingpin of anti-aging medicine. Increasing organ reserve includes developing stronger muscles, bones and internal organs. With more reserve, we function at a higher level and are able to resist the physiologic stresses encountered throughout one’s life. HGH is also used to enhance sport performance by accelerating the gains in muscle size and strength obtained through exercise, hier you can find hypergh 14x for sale.

Athletes and those who lead physically active lives enjoy increased strength, flexibility, agility and stamina from their workouts when supplementing with HGH and other nutritional supplements. If you want to increase your lean body mass, reduce total body fat, increase energy and stamina, improve physical and cognitive and sexual performance, look and feel younger, have stronger bones, and have a stronger immune system, then you should begin an anti-aging program.

Thoughout this site I explain the three major areas of an anti-aging program, including hormone replacement therapy with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and other prescription and non-prescription hormones, nutritional supplements to support nutritional needs for optimal health, and Lifestyle modifications including dietary recommendations and an exercise program for beginners, also you can discower where to buy genf20 plus.

How can you benefit from HGH?

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How to improve our overall health

People taking HGH supplements report increase strength, more energy and stamina, weight loss, younger smoother skin, improved sexual desire and function, more optimistic mood, improved memory and intellectual capacity, improved sleep, decrease in cellulite, hair regrowth and color restoration, improved vision and stronger resistance to common illnesses.

Studies have also shown increase in lean body mass, decrease total body fat, increase bone density, increase in cardiac output, faster wound healing with wounds and fractures, lower blood pressure, increased skin thickness and improved cholesterol profiles. More details on clinical studies under the HGH link.

Anti-Aging Therapies

The purpose of this web site is to educate you on anti-aging therapies and lifestyles. GenF20-Plus.com offers a comprehensive anti-aging program utilizing what Dr. Recommended has found to be the finest oral Human Growth Hormone supplement on the market, GenF20 Plus. GenF20Plus contains Biotropin, which is a microdilution Human Growth Hormone in a proprietary delivery system that enables oral absorption of the 191 amino acid HGH molecule.

No longer do you need to take costly and uncomfortable injections to obtain HGH. Biotropin is an effective micro-dilution oral growth hormone supplement that both re-trains your body to produce its own HGH and gently supplements your body’s existing supply of HGH. Products to enhance the all-important immune function, Mgn-3 and Bio-Pro Thymic Protein.

In addition to learning about HGH and GenFX, you can read about other anti-aging practices including prescription and non-prescription hormone supplements, and ways to make your body produce more HGH including the use of secretagogues, nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise.

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